Review of World Economics (RoWE) Prize

Starting with the ETSG Annual Conference of 2015 in Paris, the Review of World Economics/Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (RoWE) has been awarding a prize for young economists among the papers presented at the ETSG Annual Conference. Below, we report the list of winners (with a link to the homepage of the author that presented the paper at the ETSG Annual Conference). Congratulations to these authors!

ETSG 2023: RoWE Prize
Fabrizio Leone
Global Robots

ETSG 2022: RoWE Prize
David Torun
Quantifying the Extensive Margins of Trade and Production

ETSG 2021: RoWE Prize
Haishi Li
Multinational Production and Global Shock Propagation during the Great Recession

ETSG 2019: RoWE Prize
Lu Han
The Mutable Geography of Firms’ International Trade: Evidence and Macroeconomic Implications

ETSG 2018: RoWE Prize
Tommaso Sonno
Globalisation and conflicts: the good, the bad, and the ugly of corporations in Africa

ETSG 2017: RoWE Prize
Guzmán Ourens
Uneven growth in the extensive margin: Explaining the lag of agricultural economies

ETSG 2016: RoWE Prize
Yuan Zi
Trade liberalization and the great labor reallocation

ETSG 2015: RoWE Prize
Jens Wrona
Border effects without borders: what divides Japan’s internal trade?