Université Catholique de Louvain LICOS Prize / Prize Jacquemin

Since the ETSG Annual Conference of 2006 in Vienna and until the ETSG Annual Conference in 2012, an annual Prize has been awarded by Professor Hylke Vandenbussche of the Universite Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) for the best paper in a specified research area. Below, we report the list of winners. Congratulations to these authors!

ETSG 2012: Prize Jacquemin (UCL)
Swati Dhingra and John Morrow
The impact of integration on productivity and welfare distortions under monopolistic competition

ETSG 2011: Prize Jacquemin (UCL)
Kyle Handley
Exporting under trade policy uncertainty

ETSG 2010: Prize Jacquemin (UCL)
Ben Li
Firm heterogeneity, technology transfer, and incompatibility: on the choice of production regime across borders

ETSG 2009: Prize Jacquemin (UCL)
Facundo Albornoz, Hector F. Calvo Pardo, Gregory Corcos and Emanuel Ornelas
Sequential exporting

ETSG 2008: UCL and LICOS Prizes
Fabrice Defever and Farid Toubal
Productivity and the sourcing modes of multinational firm

Elena Besedina
Exporting and productivity under endogenous trade policy: Theory and evidence from Ukraine

ETSG 2007: LICOS Prize
Ragnhild Balsvik
Is mobility of labour a channel for spillovers from multinationals to local domestic firms

ETSG 2006: LICOS Prize
Gianfranco De Simone
Trade in parts and components and Central Eastern European Countries’